Stroke Rehab: Utilizing Ekso for Pusher Syndrome

Amy Hartman, Ekso Certified Level 3 Trainer & Physical Therapist at Aurora St Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee will be presenting on utilizing EksoNR for patients with Pusher Syndrome. Gait training can be particularly difficult with patients that experience Pusher Syndrome post-stroke. Join us for this live webinar where Amy will share how she has successfully used EksoNR with this population at one of our Ekso Centers of Excellence.

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Amy Y Hartman, MPT graduated from UW Madison PT school in 2005. She has worked in the Inpatient Rehabilitation setting for the last 17 years and is now a senior therapist with Aurora St Luke's who specializes in SCI, CVA, and MS rehabilitation. Amy is also a Certified Level 3 Ekso trained therapist, the only one in the state of Wisconsin.


EksoNR and Stroke Rehabilitation

Our newest webpage talks about the effects of a stroke and how EksoNR is being used in a rehabilitation setting to help patients retrain their muscles and brain to regain lost mobility.

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